Coolest Swedish Chef Costume

I created this Swedish chef costume out of a Pabst blue ribbon box, a ball of yarn and some fabric for the hat. The paint was the cheapest acrylic paint I could find and the paper mache was made using newspaper powder. I made it because I’m a culinary student at the Culinary Institute of America and I love the Muppets (he of course being my favorite Muppet).

I made a hole in the mouth to see out of and put baseball helmet inside to keep it steady. The hat was sewn and filled with a small bucket to keep it standing up and then glued to the top of the mask with a hot glue gun. The nose was painted with spray-paint. The tie, the shirt and the apron were purchased through Goodwill.

I was going to make the bow-tie but I ran out of time.

Coolest Swedish Chef Costume

Coolest Swedish Chef Costume - process pic

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  1. I think you’ve inherited some of your Grandmothers talent to make something great out of nothing !! Nice job ! She would be very proud of you. – Uncle Bill


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