Coolest Sponge Bob Square Pants

My 3 yr old daughter Olivia loves watching Sponge Bob and asked to be him for Halloween. After seeing the costumes available I decided to make her an even better one. I went to the fabric store and purchased 2 yards of 1″ green upholstery foam and 2 yards of yellow felt.

At home I found a pair of old brown pants and white-collar shirt. I lined the edges of the foam with wire hangers to give it the boxed square shape. Then layered the yellow felt over it. I put on the pants and shirt and cut them to size.

I used batting in the eyes, cheeks, nose, tongue, teeth, tie and butt to give it the raised and puffy look. These were all made using spare fabrics I had around the house and I drew in the eyes with markers. I made the hat using leftover pieces of the shirt and some black fabric. I lined them with interfacing to make it stand and used Velcro for the closure.

I cut out the mouth and used some of the leftover brown pant fabric for the hole and added the pink tongue, teeth and cheeks. The cheeks were filled with batting and sealed with fabric glue I then drew in his freckles with a red marker. I made his pores at random using a green maker to outline the felt and then cut into the felt and foam to give them depth.

I added his eyes using fabric glue and the sewed on his nose that I outlined, cut and filled with batting. I made a hole at the top for my daughter head to fit through and left the sides open to give my daughter better mobility. I stuffed the butt with batting and sealed it with the fabric glue.

I created sleeves with white fabric left from the shirt. Then arms and pants from the yellow felt and added white socks with the red and blue strips. She wore black shoes and carried around a spatula and offered to make anyone a Krabby Patty.

The entire costume took me about six hours over three Saturdays to make. The end product was perfect; we had so many people commenting on what a great costume.

Cost: $20

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Sponge Bob Square Pants”

  1. Jesse:

    Every year, just when I thought you couldn’t have done a better job, you go and top the previous year’s costume. Oli is very lucky to have such a dedicated mother.

    By experience, I can tell you that all the planning, cutting, gluing, and sewing will always be remembered and appreciated by her.

    Great job!



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