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Coolest Severed Head on a Tree Trunk Costume

The idea of this Severed Head on a Tree Trunk Costume was to look like a severed head that had been chopped off resting on a tree trunk. We took a big cardboard box and cut the ends off. Then we rolled it and bent it so it conformed to a circular shape instead of rectangular. We cut off the handles of a gift bag and taped them inside the tree so that when our child was in it, she could pick it up slightly to walk. Then we used packing tape to secure it closed and painted it with brown spray paint.

Next, we have a split hickory tree that the bark is peeling off anyway, so we collected a lot of that bark. I used a hot glue gun to glue the sections of bark all around the tree. It is best to work with sections that are 12” or less, so they will stay on good. Just start and fill one section and keep working around. We used vampire blood to drip around the top of the tree and it ran down the bark. We cut a small slit in the top of the tree, and hot glued a plastic hatchet that we covered in blood. To cover the inside, we used another piece of cardboard that we cut to fit inside the top of the tree. We cut a slit in the back and cut out a circular opening so we could slip it around my daughter’s head once she was inside the tree. I used face paint and tried to make her look “terrible”.

This is a fairly easy and cheap costume to make, just takes time to glue all the bark.

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