Coolest Olivia the Pig Costume

So many little girls want to be Olivia that I just had to go ahead and make one. This Olivia the Pig Costume is a three piece costume.

I started off making the headband ears. I purchased the headband. Then, got out the pink felt and cut out and sewed the ear shapes together. Three layers! Then, I wired the ears to the headband and covered it. The final step was some hand painting to give them definition.

I got the best and hard to find black and white striped jersey fabric. I made the leggings, trying to match up the stripes as best as possible. NOT EASY!!! They have an elastic waist.

Then comes the long, arduous task of the dress. This is a fully lined dress, so your creation time will be double that of making the standard dress.

I looked for the right kind of red, I settled on something wrinkle-resistant. Then, I went for the black cotton with small dots. It looked great to me. I cut out all of the pieces to make my sailor dress. It’s got a vintage look that I love.

I made the red dress, then the dotted dress. Then, I made the collar. I appliqued the stars to the collar. Then, it was time to sandwich them together. I sewed, flipped and voila, the perfect Olivia dress.

I type “voila” lol, but really, it takes a lot of hours to make this Olivia the Pig Costume.

Hope you like it!

Coolest Olivia the Pig Costume

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