My girlfriend and I were watching X-men origins and thought since people always tell me I look like Liev Schreiber, what the heck? I’ll be Sabretooth! So, the next decision, who would she be? And who would get the MOST attention? Mystique, of course! And then there’s Vince, he always has crazy hair and different beard styles, so I ran the idea by him to be Wolverine and he was immediately on board! So, here you have our Homemade Wolverine, Sabretooth and Mystique from X-Men Costumes.

We asked around about different body paints or latex to paint her up with and come up with some really good quality paint, then I bought an automotive spray gun (I like to get things done efficiently!), tested it out and BINGO! We had the plan in motion. Then we went to a few craft stores and found the stencils for the details and we were ready for hers! I hit the Goodwill, found a overcoat, bought some fabric paint, and soon had a trench coat! I found the claws (not in the picture, but AWESOME!) online, found some fangs at a local Halloween store, grew some beardage, and I was ready!

Vince, well Vince put his girlfriend’s leather coat on, threw some gel in his hair, and he was suddenly Wolverine!

And that’s what we came up with, enjoy!