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Coolest Homemade Towelie Costume

This homemade Towelie costume was a hit!

I first started out with 3 yards of blue fabric (there were leftovers). Next i got towelish looking white stripes at the craft store, 2 on bottom and 2 on top. Black and white felt was then used for the eyes and mouth. I cut out the mouth on the blur fabric and hot glued the black felt over it (top only so you can drink beer or punch :).

Then for the eyes I got black mesh and hot glued the black felt around it so you can still see. To give shape of the Towelie I used a straight piece of Styrofoam (2×2 inch) and sewed it into the top so it could not fall out. Left the arm holes open and voila! My boyfriend was famous that night! You’ll drive a lot of attention especially in college!

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  1. i was thinking about making one but thats what could not figure out what how to make it keep the towel shape thanks for the tip to late to make one for this year but next year it’s on lol


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