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Coolest Homemade Squidward Halloween Costume

For Halloween this year our family decided on SpongeBob as our theme. My wife decided on a homemade Squidward Halloween costume. The pants were patterned like a normal pair of pants, but with two stuffed tube-shaped cavities on each leg. The spats had arched tips on the ends. The outer shirt was just a regular brownish shirt. The body shirt with long arms had tentacles on the end of each.

The head was a very difficult item. First the basic shape had to be cut. Interfacing was added to the inside for body. The eyes were made from a football shaped Dr. Pepper bottle, that was 1st-cut in half, 2nd the slits were cut in the eyes, 3rd-added black plastic meshing to cover the slit openings. The nose was like a small stuffed pillow attached to the front. The mouth was drawn on with a black Sharpie. A hole, hidden by the nose was cut for ventilation.

Homemade Squidward Halloween Costume

Homemade Squidward Halloween Costume

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