Coolest Homemade Smurfette Halloween Costume

My boss gets us tickets every year for the Goodwill GridIron Halloween Charity Event hosted by the Baltimore Ravens. I wanted to wear a unique costume this year, and a Homemade Smurfette Halloween Costume popped into my head.

My mother made the dress, hat and a pair of bloomers to wear underneath out of fleece so that I would be warm! I used latex body paint on my face and arms (if you ever want to know what botox must feel like, use this stuff, lol. In hind site, I probably would have gone with a blue turtleneck and blue Halloween crème makeup! The good thing about it was quick clean up, peeled right off in 2 minutes, but it was a 3 hour process to paint the 3 coats on!).

I then used black liquid eyeliner for the eyebrows and black pencil eyeliner for the lips. I purchased the gloves and tights and a pair of kids white fluffy slippers to complete the outfit! Took 3rd place in the contest!