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Coolest Homemade Hey Arnold Halloween Couple Costume

We originally wanted to do the CatDog costume that was posted on this site, but realized it would be hard being back to back all night! We started brainstorming other Nickelodeon shows, and thought of Hey Arnold!

For our homemade Hey Arnold Halloween couple costume we went to a thrift store for a plaid button down and sweater, and the dress was ordered online. I then glued red ribbon across the bottom just like Helga’s dress in the show.

To make our heads, I used craft foam, a wire hanger, 2 baseball hats, glue, and pipe cleaners. First, I cut off the bills of the hats. Next, I free hand drew the pieces of hair, hat, and bow, and cut them out. Using industrial glue, I glued the Helga hair and bow right to the hat.

Arnold’s head was a bit harder because I had to cut out the head as well. I glued half of a wire hanger on the back of the face to keep it from falling backwards, however I’m not sure if the hanger even made a difference, because I then glued a piece under his head to hold the sides up. I then glued the hair on the back of the head, and the hat in the front in between the hair. I used 1 pipe cleaner on each side of Arnolds, and Helga’s hair. This was because when walking they blew back and made the characters look bald. Having the pipe cleaners allowed you to bend the hair forward!

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