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Coolest Homemade Grim Reaper Costume

This is an inflatable yard ornament. Our 15 year old son was playing with it and wanted to make it into a costume, so he mounted it to a helmet. For power, he wired the air blower motor to a 12 volt battery and put it in a pack around his waist. We bought black cloth and shaped it as a cloak and used a hanger around the “face” to hold the shape.

Under the “chin”, we used black see-through cloth for him to look out. He put on an old cloak from another costume and some skull gloves. His Grandpa is standing next to him in the picture, and his Grandpa is 6’2″. So, he was about 8′ tall. Sometimes, the wind made walking tricky, but it was fun, and we were stopped often for pictures.

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