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Coolest Homemade Fred and Wilma Flintstone Couple Costume

I purchased a Fred & Wilma Flinstone couple costume pattern online, but it was too small for both of us! We therefore had to improvise our own Homemade Fred and Wilma Flintstone Couple Costume.

For Fred’s costume, I measured and added inches to the pattern. I bought orange material and cut the pieces out. I then drew triangles onto the fabric with a big sharpie marker. For the tie, I wanted something that looked like a blue snake. I came across some dress-up pants belonging to my daughter; they were a pleather-like material. I cut it into the shape of a tie and used a hot glue gun to attach it to the costume.

For the hat, I used an old Viking hat in my costume box. I purchased brown fur material, cut it to fit around the hat and then stuffed the inside with fiber fill. I then hot-glued it the hat.

I only used the top part of the pattern for Wilma’s costume as I did not like the pattern for the bottom. I used newspaper and cut a pattern of my own. I made four pieces and overlaid them.

For the jewelry, I purchased Styrofoam balls, cut them to look like rocks and used a big needle to string them on to fish wire. I purchased earring backings and glued the balls on for earrings. For the ring, I used a toe ring glued onto a ball.

For my hair, I found a cheap red wig which my mom, who is a hair dresser, styled for me.

This costume was a big hit; I’m really thinking of using it again next year!

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