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Fun Homemade Captain America Costume

This is my homemade Captain America costume which took many hours to complete. I made it from scratch except the gloves and boot tops. Everything else was cut, sewn, and painted to complete.

Every piece of this costume was made with Under Armour Cold Gear material. The shield is made from a red steel saucer sled that I purchased online. I then painted the center circle and white circle before taping off and painting the white star. On the back side of the shield I cut and measured 2 pieces of wood to fit inside the shield as a brace. I then attached 2 thin strips of Velcro with a buckle to reverse direction and Velcro onto itself at any various length to accommodate different forearm girths.

It was a long but rewarding process both at the sewing machine and painting the shield. The mask did not come out as good as I hoped but I can work with it.

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