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Coolest Homemade Aqua Teen Hunger Force Group Halloween Costume

Our homemade Aqua Teen Hunger Force group Halloween costume seemed to fit our family perfectly since there are 4 main characters in Aqua Teen Hunger Force (a cartoon on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network), and 4 members of our family.

Carl was easiest since it didn’t require much construction, only a few good accessories and a bald cap. For his hair I went to the fabric store and got a half of a yard of brown colored fake fur, the same fabric that I used for Frylock’s beard. We attached it the same way we attached the bald cap, using spirit gum that we got at the costume shop. A trip to the dollar store got everything else, flip flops, and plastic gold chain.

For Frylock I just purchased a few sheets of poster board and went to town! I folded the fries so that they had four sides (making them more 3 dimensional, cube like) and glued them to the back piece of poster board with tacky glue. The front and the back is only attached at the sides with staples. I did it so that it would round out the sides and look like a carton. Then I shaped the bottom- rounding it out and cut out the pieces that would become the face (including the fur that would be the beard) that I drew freehand and glued them on the the front with tacky glue (crafting glue that comes in a gold bottle). Then I attached thin white strings on the inside to the front and back using masking tape so that it could rest on my daughter’s shoulders at the right height and not be too visible.

Meatwad’s costume was fairly simple. I got about a yard of brown felt and sewed a pocket on the top and the bottom. Then I took a piece of ribbon (I had it on hand) and stuffed it through the loops gathered it, and tied to to fit comfortably. There was access fabric (because I had to make it to my daughter’s height)on the top loop that I let fall on the inside to poof it out a bit more. Then I just cut out pieces that would become the face from smaller pieces of felt and glued them on with tacky glue. I also cut out little squares from felt and glued them on to make the texture of the meat.

Shake’s costume caused me the most difficulty because the fabric I got was too heavy and weighed down the hula hoop. I chose a white “table cloth” fabric – plastic on one side and felt on the inside, because it was on sale and it would look plastic-like just like a cup, but in the end, I would have found something else. It would have needed to be opaque for this costume (many lighter weight white fabrics aren’t). I used two wire hangers, unraveled them, and attached them to the hula hoop in the front and the back on each side so that each hanger attached in two spots.

My original intention was to shape it so that it rested on each of my shoulders, but there was too much weight, so I ended up twisting the hangers together in the middle and balancing it on my head. If I had more time I would have taken four wooden dowels and attached it to the hula hoop, and down to my waist on a belt of some sort. The hangers were dark colored so at least they weren’t too distracting.

From there I sewed the fabric onto the hula hoop and again down at the bottom to create a tapered effect. Then I just drew on the face with a black sharpie. The straw was just rolled up wrapping paper that I attached to the pony tail on my head. I bent it in the middle to look more like a straw. Also I cut slits in the sides for my hands and wore rubber gloves.

Thanks to my husband for helping me with much of the assembly (especially for Shake’s costume)!! We had a great time at our Halloween party this year!! Now to plan next year’s costume!!

Homemade Aqua Teen Hunger Force Group Halloween Costume

Homemade Aqua Teen Hunger Force Group Halloween Costume

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