Cool DIY Headless Costume

I made this Homemade Headless Costume for the Denver 2011 zombie crawl and the Fetish Ball. The costume came out so good that I ended up on three news web sites. 7 news, Denver Metromix (their photo), and the Denver Post even though there were somewhere between 15,000 to 30,000 people on the Denver 16th street mall dressed as zombies. I was stopped every few feet to have my picture taken or have my picture taken with another zombie. I had hundreds and hundreds of pictures taken of me.

I made the costume by covering a shirt I was wearing with duct tape and then cutting off the shirt and tape. I added wire in the tape to stiffen it up a little. Then I stuffed the body with batting. I taped a small plastic bowl into the neck, covered it with a t-shirt and painted it red. I covered the body with a turtle neck and then a white angel costume and a double breasted coat from Goodwill. I cut a hole in the angel costume to stick my neck through. I also bought some very long pants at goodwill and sewed the crotch much deeper (cutting out the original) so the pants would come up to my chest making the body and legs look more natural. I taped in dryer duct into the arms to stiffen them up and taped gloves to the dryer duct. The turtle neck covered the duct and the top of the gloves. I used safety pins to keep the gloves together and to keep the arms in place.

It was so much fun.

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