Coolest Head In A Jar Costume

My daughter saw an illusion costume online with a head on a platter and came up with this Homemade Head In A Jar Costume idea. To construct we took a old back pack and went to local hardware store and bought PVC pipe, elbows, and T-fittings to construct frame coming out of backpack. Just used cable ties to hold to backpack. On the top piece of pipe, I used proper size butter container wrapped in a darker masking tape, cut two holes in the sides and slid on the top piece of PVC pipe for the neck.

Arms were an old pair of kids panty hose stuffed with plastic grocery bags (very light weight) for the arms. Latex gloves stuffed with paper towels then taped onto stuffed arms. Bought long oversized lab coat and scrubs that pulled up almost to chest and she tucked her arms in scrubs, this was easy with drawstring on scrubs. Cut back and almost all of bottom of Pretzal tub, sewed it to jacket with fishing line.

Blood was made with using Blue Laundry Detergent (Liquid Tide with Downy) and Red Koolaid (heard making blood with detergent prevents from staining). Once put on, used cable ties to attach hands in place to Jar. Only hitch was, it was cold outside when she went trick or treating and Jar tended to fog up. She one “best costume at her schools contest” and received hundreds of compliments at all other events attended.

Homemade Head In A Jar Costume

Homemade Head In A Jar Costume

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