Coolest Goku Costume

My son wanted to be Goku from Dragon Ball Z. I looked everywhere for this Goku guy, and no luck. Online I found some that looked pretty lame, and for more than I was willing to pay. So I said what the heck, why not try to make my own Homemade Goku Costume.

HAIR: The hair is made out of paper Mache; I got a balloon measured to make sure it was the same size of my sons head. I first made a helmet type base, and layered about 4 layers. After the base was sturdy, I began with the hair. I used construction paper to form the spikes/cones; I attached the spikes with the strands of paper Mache to hold in place, and layered. (I placed two layers in between drying times.)

OUTFIT: I made this as well. Went to the fabric store asked my son to pick out the colors, because on-line they varied. I made a blue under shirt, an orange top that was made like a “wrap” kinda, and some pants. My sewing skills are OK…could have been better…but I figured for one night, it doesn’t need to be perfect. I made the belt from scrap fabric from the shirt, along with his wrist cuff thing-y’s.

I didn’t see what the big deal was with this guy, but when we went trick-or-treating he was a HUGE hit all the kids were going crazy for this character.

Homemade Goku Costume

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