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Coolest Fred and Wilma Couple Costume

Halloween 2012 as Wilma and Fred Flinstone!

Fred Costume- can be made easily with fabric from a fabric store. Black triangles to put all over the orange outfit.. You can use a baby blue fabric for a tie, and orange fabric for the full length outfit. Measure it and make sure it is a right fit and give yourself a little more just in case when you sew it together it will have a little room to squeeze in.

Wilma- I took a white tank and cut off one sleeve to make the top.  The bottom is soft fabric wrapped around and pinned to stay in place. I added the leopard belt to give it a little flair and the bone because the Flintstone’s are set in the Stone Age.

The orange hair comes from a paint can and comes out in the shower.  It was a perfect touch to the costume. This costume is super easy to make and we had a great time doing it.

Coolest Fred and Wilma Couple Costume

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