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Coolest DIY Tyrone Biggums Costume for Adults

Dave Chappelle has made the world laugh for decades. One of his most hilarious characters was none other than Tyrone Biggums, a friendly neighborhood crack connoisseur. Here you will see my costume and the detail put into it.

Many can mimic, few can be exact.

These items were purchased at thrift stores and local grocery store, totaling up to about $70. It was easy and fun. We were in Vegas this Halloween so of course it would be difficult to stand out, but my Tyrone Biggums costume was second to none. Twister said “I can make you a celebrity overnight”, well Tyrone made me one overnight. I had more strangers give me high fives, ask for autographs, several photos, all behind a simple idea. We went to multiple bars and clubs and everyone either started or came to meet Tyrone.

Become the life of the party as I did in the party capital of the world.

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