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Coolest Captain Planet DIY Costume

I’ve always loved Captain Planet as a kid and I’d been thinking about it for years now. I finally just went out and made a Captain Planet costume.

For the costume I went to Goodwill first and picked up a girl’s matching baby blue long sleeve shirt and pajama pants. I made sure that they were pretty tight so it looked like skin. Also at the Goodwill I picked up a pair of old army boots and spray painted them red.

Then I went over to Wallmart and picked up some yellow felt, red flapper gloves, a tight red t-shirt and a pair of red women’s soffee shorts. I cut felt into an oval and glued it on the red t-shirt in the center of the chest. Then I cut off the sleeves of the T-shirt. I finally put the whole costume on and added some spray hair color and face paint and there it was Captain Planet. He’s Our Hero.

The costume won first place at my college costume contest and everyone was rolling over laughing at me.

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  1. My 21 yr old son LOVED capt Planet as a kid and wants to dress up as such for Halloween, but I can’t find it in adult size.



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