Coolest Captain Planet Costume

I made this captain planet costume mostly from items bought at the thrift store or the craft store.

To make the “skin” I bought leggings, tights, and a corset for the body. For the legs I used white legging and for the arms I used thick white stockings. I dyed them all using Rit sky blue color fabric dye.

When I was done dying and drying the items I cut the top part of the stockings off so I would have two separate pieces for my arms. I also cut a hole for my thumb and a larger hole in each stocking for my other fingers.

For the top or cape I bought red stretchy fabric remnant from the craft store. I cut out the shape based on my own specific design idea. Due to the type of fabric I did not need to sew the top.

For the shorts I bought a pair of white woman’s boy shorts/underwear. For the gloves I bought a pair of white gloves. I dyed the underwear and shorts using the red Rit dye.

For the globe on the cape/shirt I bought 3″ round styrofoam balls. I cut the styrofoam ball in half to make the globe and used the other half for the buckle on the belt. I painted each with yellow paint. After the ball was dry I painted the black lines on with black paint. To attach the ball to the shirt I hot glued it on.

For the belt I got a karate belt and cut it to my size. The I added velcro to take it on and off. I attached the buckle with hot glue also.

The paint I used on my face, back, and chest was bought at the craft store. It is Snazaroo face paint and it is used mostly for painting at kids party’s. It’s great because it is not thick and wet like other paints. When dry it is very dry on the skin and does not come off on the clothes. The only problem is that if it gets wet it comes off.

The wig and boots were purchased at the thrift store.

Coolest Captain Planet Costume 4

Coolest Captain Planet Costume 4

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