Cool Maxine Greeting Card Costume

I had so much fun with this costume! I gathered the materials from wherever I could find them! clothes, hat, sunglasses, Dr. Scholl’s and jewelry from Goodwill, white curly wig from my Halloween bin, coffee cup from my cupboard and some “new things” like sharpies, tape and wire fly swatters for the “card”.

Dressing was easy. To do the card, I attached fly-swatters to my voice bubbles that I had printed out, glue sticked and cut out of cardboard. I then taped between two pieces of “back sized” cardboard the other end of the fly swatter. To attach to my back, I took a wide elastic belt through slits in the cardboard and slits in my clothes so I could buckle under my clothes. This picture was taken before slits in my jacket. Ended up very sturdy. I also colored the glasses lenses green since Maxine’s glasses always look green. I finished the look with darkly drawn eyebrows and shading around my mouth for frown wrinkles.

Fun reactions: numerous high-fives (I think because I chose crass, funny text); picture requests so people could “show grandma” “show mom”; “you’re my favorite greeting cards!”. It was a lot of fun. I drank my beverage of choice from my coffee cup, I provided life and crass conversation and I danced like an old lady. It felt good to be creative and funny and make fun of myself instead of going for slutty. I got carded twice to which I responded, “are you kidding me? I get the senior discount”.