Coolest Wrecking Ball Costume

Homemade Wrecking Ball Costume

My son PJ (Peter) is wearing a Homemade Wrecking Ball Costume. He had asked to be a tractor and with a little tweaking we came up with this instead. It was made using cardboard boxes, hot glue, paint, a Styrofoam ball and printed accents. It was lightweight and easy for him to hold up, especially … Read more

Coolest Child’s Backhoe Costume

Homemade Child's Backhoe Costume

My son loves construction trucks and backhoes are his favorite by far. Of course that’s what he wanted to be for Halloween. We scoured the internet and found ONE picture of this sort of Child’s Backhoe Costume, but no directions. In the end, to make this costume we needed: 3 yards yellow felt (or yellow … Read more

Coolest Backhoe Loader Digger Costume

Homemade Backhoe Loader Digger Costume

My three year old son is obsessed with backhoe loaders, or diggers, and that’s all he wanted to be for Halloween. With the help of his Aunt, an art teacher, we used a diaper box for the body, another box cut in two for a front loader and back loader, lots of black duck tape … Read more

Bob the Builder Costume

After seeing the cheap look of the Bob the Builder store costumes we decided to make our own Bob the builder costume. We already had the overalls and just needed a few more items which we found at a thrift store; we found the hard hat, shoes, belt and shirt. Our son loved it! The … Read more

Bob the Builder Costume

My son was a huge Bob the Builder fan but I couldn’t justify paying the $30 – $40 they wanted for those one piece flimsy costumes! So I decided to try and make a Bob the Builder costume by myself! It was so easy and turned out great! I had most of the items already … Read more

Bob the Builder Costume

This Bob the builder costume was probably the least stressful Halloween costume I’ve ever created. All you need are overalls, an orange shirt, a toy hard hat, work-type boots and a toy tool belt. Add some rolled up “blueprints” and you’re set! We already had everything but an orange shirt. The tool belt was a … Read more

Bob the Builder Costume

My son Brooks was a Bob the Builder nut. But every time we went shopping for a Bob costume they were plastic and cheap looking. For his birthday, late Sept., his grandma got him a pair of construction overalls. Perfect, I thought. He already had Bob sneakers. So I went to the toy store and … Read more