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Awesomely Gorgeous Homemade Starfish Costumes

Be the star you know you are, this Halloween! Take a lesson from nature by browsing these incredibly awesome homemade starfish costumes. Then learn the coolest crafting techniques to create your best DIY costume.

Marine life is full of unbelievably cool designs. Due to this, these ensembles mimic what nature has perfected. It’s no wonder these DIY starfish costumes were chosen. Although in real life they come in a wide array of stunning colors, your sea stars are not limited by anything. Let your homemade costumes vibrantly glitter and shine.

In addition, constructing these five-armed creatures takes planning.  You will see options to go the traditional sewing route. Or you can check out the homemade costume using paper mache. Just remember that getting in and out of doorways may prove challenging and hilarious.

So get inspired to put your best arm forward this Halloween. Discover how to make your greatest DIY costume and share it with us here!