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Coolest Homemade Starfish Costume

I was invited to a Halloween party this year that is an “Under the Sea” theme. So I decided to make a starfish costume! (other people were pirates, mermaids, fishermen, sharks, etc and I felt that starfish are often forgotten about, despite their important role they play in the ocean…what would an ocean be without starfish, after all?).

I made the entire thing by hand using poster paper from the dollar store, paper mache, and paint. The costume took about a week to make (mostly because the paper mache needed to completely dry before I painted it).

I rolled the paper into cones and stapled them so they retained their “coneness”. Then I staple a few rectangular pieces of poster paper in a cylindrical shape to make the torso. When the 5 cones and 2 torso pieces were complete, I stapled them together creating a top and bottom half of the costume. I then paper mached the two separate pieces of the costume.

After watching the paper mache dry for a few days (there was nothing good on tv that week), the costume was then ready to paint! I painted the body pink and put blue spots on. I spray painted some old shoes I bought at a thrift store pink to match the costume.

I bought blue facepaint the same shade as the blue spots on the costume. During the party I was playing the bass and singing with my band. The costume was pretty stiff so I could only waddle to get around, and I needed my band-mates to help me into the costume. The party was great, and I still have to costume to enjoy on Halloween night!

It was easy to make, just took some time and patience. Everyone loved the costume and cant wait to see it again on Halloween! If I had spent a bit more time on the costume, maybe I could have made the arms and legs hinge so I could walk a bit easier, but in hindsight, it was funnier being stiff because I had to waddle everywhere and turn sideways to get through doors.

Homemade Starfish Costume

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