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Coolest DIY Jupiter Costumes You Can Make at Home

As The largest planet in the Solar System and the fifth planet from the sun, Jupiter provides plenty of homemade costume inspiration. These Jupiter costumes are so cool and have tons of planet potential. Once you discover how to create the spherical shape, your options to create DIY costumes will increase dramatically.

The solar system is so vast and incredible. Your imagination will expand along with the universe and the mysteries it contains.

In order to create the spherical shape of Jupiter, you can read the awesome instructions written here. Most important is to work out the logistics of getting the DIY costume on and off. Find out tried and tested tips from those who have already done it. And then add your own personal flair!

In addition, the gorgeous stripes of planetary colors are so stunning when applied to these Jupiter costumes.

Enjoy these homemade costumes and have fun creating your own!