Gorgeous Sun and Moon Costumes

Gorgeous Sun & Moon Costumes

My daughter and niece wanted to be something beautiful and extravagant and decided to be the Sun and Moon this year so we sketched out our design and got started creating these awesome costumes. Our biggest task was how we were going to make the big back pieces and make them not look “connected” to … Read more

My Dad is Ursula?!

My Dad is Ursula?!

Well to begin with this whole process of making my dad into Ursula was enjoyable! My mother and I painted and cut each octopus leg that are made with cardboard. We assembled the legs glueing them to a ski that we painted black. My dad has natural short hair so he fit this character perfectly … Read more

Coolest Homemade Merry Go Round Carrousel Costume

Happy go round

Halloween is my daughters and my favorite time of the year because creativity is everywhere, you see happy faces and amazing costumes everywhere. This year we chose a carrousel since she loves them. Our creation is made of 75-80% upcycle material from our local recycle store and our building recycle bins. The main part is … Read more

Awesome Headless Horseman Costume

The Headless Horseman

I was inspired by the TV series Sleepy Hollows version of the Horseman. I’ve always thought it would be a cool costume to make as long as the proportions turned out right.

Cool DIY Headless Horseman Halloween Costume

Headless Horseman

I went to a murder mystery party for Halloween this year and we were each assigned a character. Truth be told I felt a little overwhelmed when I was given the character of the Headless Horseman and didn’t know where to begin but after scrolling the Interwebs for a few days I came up with … Read more

Cool DIY Jaws Shark Attack Costume – Quint’s Demise!

Quint`s Demise!

I’ve been a fan of Jaws since I was a kid in the 70s. My wife and have also always loved dressing up for Halloween. She’s VERY good with a needle and thread and has some great ideas. We gathered all the materials and I helped where I could but it`s her creativity that brought … Read more

Simple and Creative Wordplay Costume: “Web Server”

Web Server

So our annual work competition this year had a theme related to technology. I decided to put a literal play on words this year. I had a name tag ordered from Amazon which says “Server”. I also bought a pie plate from the dollar store and printed a 3d picture of a computer to set … Read more

Grandma on Her Recliner Illusion Costume

Grandma on her recliner

One day my husband and I were at the furniture store looking at couches. He sat on a recliner chair and I looked at him and said “that’s what I’m being for Halloween!” The idea took off from there. A bit of fabrics some for glue and stuffing (and prob 15 hours later) WAHLA!

Coolest DIY Spider and Fly Child Costumes

Coolest DIY Spider and Fly Child Costumes

If you’ve ever worked with faux fur than you know it gets EVERYWHERE! Hahaha I feel like we’ve been eating faux fur for sometime now, since making of these costumes! They were both made with LOTS of faux fur. I recycled a few fur throws to use the fabrics from (buying fabric by the yard is … Read more

Original White Folding Chair Costume

Sexy White Folding Chair

DIY Costume Inspired by 2023 Montgomery Riverboat Brawl In honor of the Montgomery Riverboat Brawl, my costume for 2023 is “Sexy White Folding Chair.” While the brawl was an act of retaliatory and proportionate violence, it was even more so a demonstration of solidarity, justice, and eloquent rage. Everyone went home to their families with … Read more

Cool Last-Minute Day of the Dead Costume

Coco movie in real life

Everything in this Day of the Dead outfit was thrifted. The hat was made by glueing day of the dead skulls, bones, and painting the hat black. His face was painted with face paint with a detailed day of the dead sugar skull inspiration design.

Magnificent Sun and Moon Costume for Two

Magnificent Sun and Moon Costume for Two

We’re brothers and we went as the sun and the moon this year! We always try to go above and beyond on Halloween and this year was no exception! This was definitely our most ambitious costume to date as these took over a month to construct. The sun and moon heads are made from cardboard … Read more