Frida and Victor: A Doggone Artistic Duo

"Victor" Van Gogh

Upon rescuing our Schnauzer mix, we were instantly captivated by her bushy eyebrows, leading us to name her Frida. With this effortless, primarily homemade costume, she truly embodies her namesake. Embroidered blouses being a prominent trend this year, it served as the inspiration for this costume. The top was sourced from Target, and the headband … Read more

Orkin Man and Baby Mouse in Trap Costumes

Orkin Man and Baby Mouse in Trap Costumes

This costume is super easy to make. We had pretty much everything we need with the exception of the mouse costume which we purchased on Amazon for around 25 bucks. The wagon which the baby is sitting in we already had we just got a box big enough to cover the wagon. Printer out the … Read more

Sexy Lil’ Kim Jong-il Mashup Costume

Lil' Kim Jong-il

I have a penchant for mashup costumes, particularly those that blend elements of seriousness with a hint of sensuality. The idea of merging the persona of musician Lil’ Kim with that of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il struck me as an intriguing concept. Upon realizing that no one else had attempted this costume online, I … Read more

Handcrafted Wood Witch and her Reanimated Scarecrow Couple Costume

Wood Witch and her Reanimated Scarecrow

This is one of our favorites! Also, the first year in which pretty much 95% of both costumes were handcrafted. The whole idea started with a farm girl and scarecrow but took a wild turn as we brainstormed it. Total production was probably a little over two months for this one. Luckily, almost every square … Read more

Around the World Family Costume

"Around the World"

Our son, Bodie (6), is obsessed with all things geography, so we centered our Halloween costume theme around his love for it. My husband was the pilot, I was a flight attendant, and Bodie was literally the world in an inflatable globe costume draped with world flags. Both my husband’s and my costumes were ordered … Read more

Candy Cane Elf: A Quirky Renaissance Costume with a Twist

Renaissance Candy Cane Elf

Seeking a unique and festive ensemble for the Renaissance Fair’s “Celtic Christmas” theme, I embarked on a creative journey to craft a costume that would embody the spirit of the season while adding a touch of whimsy. A Dazzling Hat: The Foundation of the Costume My costume’s centerpiece was a grand hat crafted from a … Read more

A Perfect DIY Invisible Girl Illusion Costume

The Invisible Girl

This was honestly one of our easiest costumes to date. We used a backpack with a large piece of cardboard inside it for the body/shoulder frame. The dress, sweater, hat, and earrings were purchased at a local thrift store. We bought them a few sizes too big. To make the arms appear proportionate, we cut … Read more

Willow’s Handmade Archangel Costume

Ariel Archangel

Willow, an imaginative 11-year-old, transformed herself into Ariel, the archangel protector of humanity, for Halloween. This elaborate costume was the culmination of two months of careful planning and meticulous craftsmanship. Crafting the Dress The centerpiece of the costume was a white dress created without a pattern, guided solely by Willow’s vivid imagination. The dress featured … Read more

Cool DIY Clown Costume: “Cloufit” – A Passion Project

Cloufit: A Passion Project

When they announced the Halloween party and costume contest at work this year, my wheels started turning. I was really excited because Halloween is one of my special interests, but I very rarely have the opportunity to wear a costume outside of my own home. I made this clown costume for our work/employee contest. I … Read more