Awesome Homemade Huge T-Rex Costume

I built a 13′ long 7′ tall T-Rex costume after being inspired by classic Jurassic Park and a YouTube video where a dinosaur scares people coming elevators. It has an aluminum backpack and neck linkage system. That allows me to control the head (twist/nod/pan) with handlebars inside. Bike cables allow me to chomp the mouth. … Read more

Hilarious Homemade Ghost of Jerry Garcia Costume

For the longest time I have wanted to do a twist on the traditional bed sheet ghost costume and here it is…The Ghost of Jerry Garcia. I used white fabric and a tie dye kit for the main part. I bought a Santa wig and beard (and trimmed the beard). I added 2 skeletal hands … Read more

Amazingly Adorable DIY Pink Robot Costume

Char-Bot 2000

Our 4 year old, Charlotte, asked to be a robot for Halloween. My husband said, challenge accepted! We made the costume out of cardboard boxes. Used some duct tape to get the shape we wanted. The arms and legs are made of flexible dryer vent. The pink shoe covers are made of knee pads from … Read more

Easy Last Minute It’s Raining Men Costume

So every year I do a theme party for Halloween. This year, the theme was “Name that Tune”. It was a super fun theme, but as usual, getting ready for the party didn’t leave a lot of time to finish my costume! I decided to do “It’s Raining Men” because it was fairly easy to … Read more

Amazing Homemade King Tut Costume

I have been making my son’s Halloween costumes since he was a baby. Every year we think about what he should be. And, every year it gets more challenging and exciting. This year we decided on King Tut after reading some books on ancient Egyptian history. My son loved the story of King Tut being … Read more

Awesome Homemade Futurama Bender Costume

bender costume

My 9 year old son was determined to have a Bender costume for Halloween. In addition, he had a lot of input as to how he wanted his costume designed. It took approximately 15 to 20 hours to make over a two month period. Bender made his debut in the Atlanta Five Points Halloween Parade, … Read more

Awesome Homemade Space Themed Family Costumes

spaced themed family costumes

This year our son’s school requested for peaceful costumes of someone from history that made a difference in our lives. He has shown a lot of interest in rocket ships and space lately so he chose to be an astronaut. Our space themed family costumes revolve around his love for space. Materials Most of the materials … Read more

Awesome DIY Optical Illusion Ellen Degeneres Costume

ellen degeneres costume

I made this Ellen Degeneres costume for My husband and my 10th annual Halloween party. Our parties are so much fun because our friends do an amazing job with costumes. We pick a different theme every year- Vegas, SNL, Atlanta (where we live), Sci-fi/B-movies, etc. This year our theme was Politically Incorrect- seemed appropriate with … Read more

Adorable and Comfortable Homemade Toddler Centaur Costume

toddler centaur costume

I’m really into Greek mythology and thought it would be a very unique and cute idea to see a creature come to life. At first, creating this toddler centaur costume was a bit of a challenge. But after I did some simple measurements and had some free time, I was able to put it together. … Read more

Adorable Homemade Baby Pharaoh Costume for Halloween

baby pharaoh costume

This is my 5 month old son Lincoln’s first Halloween. I got the idea for his costume a few months ago when my husband asked for a burp cloth. I tossed it at him and it landed on my son’s head in the perfect approximation of an Egyptian headdress. Thus, his baby Pharaoh costume was born. … Read more

Coolest Lil Bo Peep and the Man Who Stole My Sheep Costume

I wanted something completely different. I talked my husband into being a sheep doer and I would be Lil Bo Peep. This Lil Bo Peep and the Man Who Stole My Sheep Costume was a huge hit! Everywhere we went folks had to get pictures! We didn’t enter any contest but I have no doubt … Read more

Adorably Tough Baby Twins Halloween Costumes With Orthotic Helmets

baby twins halloween costumes

The background behind our biker baby twins Halloween costumes: Our 8 month old twin boys were diagnosed with abnormal head shapes. Gabriel has Plagiocephaly, which presents as an asymmetrical (uneven) head shape. Noah has Brachycephaly, which presents as an abnormally wide head shape resulting from a central flattening of the back of the head. So, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Family Camping Costumes

family camping costumes

The Idea for our Family Camping Costumes Our family loves camping and it is our dream to one day have a cute vintage trailer of our own! So we became our own campsite with these family camping costumes. Constructing the Trailer I started by googling vintage trailers. We LOVE the Shasta design so that is what … Read more

Cool DIY Glowing Jellyfish Costumes

glowing jellyfish costumes

How we Became Jellyfish My fiancé and I were sitting on the couch one night discussing what we were going to do for Halloween. We came up with several ideas, but nothing really sounded that great. My fiancé said “I just really want to be the most venomous marine animal”. Well the process began; we … Read more

Awesome DIY Magic Butterfly Costume

Magic Butterfly

This costume is made of Hoola-hoops, Bed Sheets, 20 meters of LED ws2811 (computer controlled) strip (tape) lights.  It has a total of 800 LED’s on it and takes a specially modified 20,000Mah power-pack (like you buy to recharge a cell-phone) to run for about an hour. (So I carried 5 other batteries as swap-out’s … Read more

Coolest DIY Womens Cowgirl Costume

Cool Womens Cowgirl Costume

I didn’t know what I was going to be for Halloween this year until I was inspired by my long brown boots. A light bulb went on in my head and I just thought of “Cowgirl”. I think cowgirls are beautiful and confident when they ride beautiful horses. I recently went on a trip upstate … Read more

Coolest DIY Snail Halloween Costume With Slime Trail

snail halloween costume

My 4 kids have always loved building and creating things, especially my youngest. Halloween has long been her favorite holiday.  We get to build, paint and sew her costume (which then become part of the ever growing dress-up collection). This last year has seen her develop an obsession with snails. She builds homes for them, … Read more

Cool DIY Traveling Circus

Step right up...Come one, Come all...Ringmaster Caileigh-Girl and her Caged Lion, Kyle-Guy, as oart of the Traveling-Trick-or-Treating Circus

After taking the kids to a local circus and hearing our daughter, Caileigh, rave about the show for months, we decided to feature her as the ring master of this traveling-trick-or-treating circus, along with her little brother, Kyle, as the caged circus lion. Most of their costumes were taken straight from their closets, but we … Read more

Cutest Homemade Little Gumball Machine

I bought an acrylic dome that is used for security cameras that are mounted on the ceiling. I filled it with sponge balls used for magic tricks. Then I placed white felt on the back to enclose the balls. The bottom part of the machine is made of red felt. It has suspenders on it … Read more

Unique Extraterrestrial Steampunk Cyborg Costume

Extraterrestrial Steampunk Cyborg costume

The Extraterrestrial Steampunk Cyborg costume came about after my mother told me a story about an uncle of mine. He once dressed draped in cans at a Carnival many years ago. Well, I had the desire to try and recreate the exact costume but that did not go well. In my sleep I dreamed of … Read more

Awesome Mexican Wall Costume With Señor Trump Sign

Awesome Mexican Wall Costume

When deciding what costume to wear this year, my son wanted to find something topical and instantly recognizable. He was inspired by current President Donald Trump and immediately thought of a Mexican Wall costume. My son keeps up with politics and came across an online meme of the Mexican Wall.  We knew this was the idea … Read more

Awesome Realistic Toddler Army Tank Costume

Awesome Army Tank Costume

When your son’s dream is to have an army tank costume, you get to work. After I completely scraped two tank tries, I got it right with this one! Materials for the army tank costume: I utilized a 5 by 3 foot industrial cardboard, a lot of Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Tape, and spray adhesive in … Read more