Cool American Gothic Couple Costume

Cool American Gothic Couple Costume

I saw a picture of the painting “American Gothic” shortly before Halloween and thought it would be a really funny costume. My father-in-law made us the large picture frame that we carried with us. My husband used his own overalls and blazer, and we borrowed the rake from a friend.  I bought the glasses at … Read more

American Gothic Couple Costume

American Gothic Couple Costume

We have been a couple for many years but this was our first time doing a couple’s costume. I am extremely into Halloween and he is pretty ambivalent so we needed a clever and easy to execute costume that was also unique. I came up with the American Gothic couple costume idea when I was … Read more

Coolest Homemade American Gothic Painting Costume

Homemade American Gothic Painting Costume

We love the painting by Grant Wood, American Gothic, so we did our own little version of a Homemade American Gothic Painting Costume. Found some farmer clothes, made a old house and added a pitchfork and viola.

Coolest Homemade American Gothic Costume

Homemade American Gothic Costume

I chose to do American Gothic because this has been one of my favorite paintings since childhood; this was also my first try at being two characters at once. I created the image on a large format printer and mounted it on foam core, using packaging tape. I then printed a second version out and, … Read more

American Gothic Painting Costume

The way we came up with the free Halloween costume idea was my partner at work. She was talking to someone about the painting “American Gothic”. She then started thinking that it would make a killer costume if it were done correctly. We spent a week planning out the boxes and how we were going … Read more