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Coolest Homemade American Gothic Costume

I chose to do American Gothic because this has been one of my favorite paintings since childhood; this was also my first try at being two characters at once.

I created the image on a large format printer and mounted it on foam core, using packaging tape. I then printed a second version out and, using a box cutter, cut around the edge of the farmer. I then mounted him on foam core, using packaging tape. Using cardboard dowels and foam core as reinforcements, I attached the back painting piece to the 3D farmer piece with supports in the back. I attached them with super glue and a hot glue gun. I did not want him falling off if I bumped into something.

I then cut holes in the painting and reinforced the holes with packaging tape; I attached luggage straps as a harness and a belt to go around my waist. I then attached felt to the frame and strapped it on me, putting the apron over the harness.

This Homemade American Gothic Costume was a hoot, but I bumped into everything in sight!

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