American Gothic Couple Costume

We have been a couple for many years but this was our first time doing a couple’s costume. I am extremely into Halloween and he is pretty ambivalent so we needed a clever and easy to execute costume that was also unique.

I came up with the American Gothic couple costume idea when I was looking through different pieces of famous art that featured couples. He loved it and we were off!

  • Most of the accessories we either had in our closets or were able to borrow from friends (Did you know that men’s overalls are almost impossible to find?).
  • We were able to find things like the brooch and the wire glasses on eBay and our biggest expense was the old-time pitchfork which ran us about $20.
  • The apron was crafted with puffy paint, glue and some lace ribbon, the handle of the pitchfork was from my Swiffer, and the picture frame was one I had stored in my office.

This costume was  a HUGE hit! We live in New York city so we got many compliments on the street and we were declared best costume at the party we went to (the second year in a row for me I might add). Part of the success was ATTITUDE which we captured in our official Halloween portrait.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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