Coolest Skittles Group Costume


We got the idea to be Skittles for Halloween after someone found a picture on the internet of a girl dressed as a green Skittle. We decided we wanted to be different color Skittles, but make our dresses out of DUCT TAPE. In the end, it turned out to be an awesome idea even though … Read more

Coolest Skittles Costume

Skittles Costume

Every Sunday at church a gentleman gives my son a bag of skittles. I told him if he didn’t stop one day my son would turn into a bag of skittles, so this year we made it happen. We made him a skittles costume. I took a large vinyl lined tablecloth, a large man’s red … Read more

Coolest Homemade Skittles Group Costume

Homemade Skittles Group Costume

Everyone has seen the M&M costume with the big white hands but who has ever seen the fruity, sweet and delicious tasting skittle?! I’d say we definitely looked sweet in our Homemade Skittles Group Costume! Last year for Halloween my college friends and I decided to be skittles! What a hit we were! First, we … Read more

Coolest Skittles Costumes

Skittles Costumes

My friend and I had a long tough search about what we were going to be for Halloween about 2 months before the actual day. We were eating our Skittles when it hit us! We were going to be Skittles and spent the next 2 months designing our Skittles Costumes and eating as many Skittles … Read more