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Coolest Homemade Skittles Group Costume

Everyone has seen the M&M costume with the big white hands but who has ever seen the fruity, sweet and delicious tasting skittle?! I’d say we definitely looked sweet in our Homemade Skittles Group Costume!

Last year for Halloween my college friends and I decided to be skittles! What a hit we were! First, we all decided on what color skittle we wanted to be. We knew that in order for the best pictures, we should each be different colors. The rest was easy from there.

The costumes were quick and simple to make. We all had soffee shorts of our particular color along with matching color bras. We used white wife beater shirts and cut circles in the areas of where our bras would show. After that we used the extra material to pin two S? on to each side of our bras.

To top it off we wrote “Taste The Rainbow” on the back of our shirts. We then decided to all get matching rainbow socks and little accessories headbands, earrings, necklaces etc. and handed out packages of skittles throughout the night.
Everyone loved our costumes. But fair warning since our shirts were cut they became quite easy to rip which of course the boys completely took advantage of. At that point we didn’t care and still wound up having a great night!

Skittles Group Costume

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  1. m doing this for Halloween too, and to anyone who asked about the shoes, I suggest white cheerleader shoes, or converse that match your skittle color, and with the letters use color marker for shirts and the rainbow make it clothes glue with color.

  2. Is the one with the short blonde hair to the right Ms.Bush?
    Please comment if it is, you were my 5th grade walk to read teacher for a little while!


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