Coolest Angry Birds Iowa Style Costume

Homemade Angry Birds Iowa Style Costume

I am the mother of 3 very energetic kids, ages 9, 7, and 4. Staying at home all day with them can get a little “routine”. However, the only time all 3 are quiet and get along, is when they are playing Angry Birds. I really don’t know what it is about that game, but … Read more

Coolest Feathered Angry Birds Couple Costumes

Homemade Feathered Angry Birds Couple Costumes

Each year the boys will “mandate” what costumes they want. So, the goes credit to them. I am only the one that brings their ideas and imagination to life. They told me that birds have feathers, so their costumes must have feathers. So, feathers it is! They wanted the red and yellow bird and they … Read more

Coolest Angry Birds Family Costume

Homemade Angry Birds Family Costume

For the red Angry Bird I bought a 5XL sweater and a 2XL for the black at the 1$ store, cut the sleeve off which then were used to make the hats, and filled them up with any type of filling and made the faces out of felt. For the yellow one I cut out … Read more

Coolest Angry Birds Couple Costume

Coolest Angry Birds Couple Costume 9

This was a fun project that my son and I worked on together. We saw the angry bird costumes for sale and he immediately goes, “Mom, you can make that better!” We used fleece and felt and sewed the Angry Birds Couple Costume together. Using a hula hoop at the bottom of each costume so … Read more

Coolest Angry Birds Child Costumes

Homemade Angry Birds Child Costumes

When asking my 3 and 6 year old what they wanted to be for Halloween this year they decided on Angry Birds. We go every year as a family theme and this seemed to work great. My 6 year old wanted to be the Yellow one because when you press on him during the game … Read more

Cool Homemade Angry Birds Costume

Homemade Angry Birds Costume

I made this Homemade Angry Birds Costume by hand with a few yards of felt!! I sewed a baby sheet inside of the costume and then filled it with poly-fill and then I drew the face on a piece of paper and traced it onto the felt and ironed it on with an adhesive! My … Read more