Coolest Homemade Jack Sparrow Costume

Homemade Jack Sparrow Costume

I started out last year with an online purchased Jack Sparrow costume from “the bay” and was just never satisfied with it. So for the past year (from Oct 2009 to Oct 2010) I have been modifying it and replacing all the key pieces to become either more movie accurate or just plain made from … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pirate Theme Costume

Homemade Pirate Theme Costume

For Halloween 2006, we went with a pirate theme. Our two sons went as pirates, as did I, and their aunt went as a keg of rum. PIRATES The boys’ costumes were simple. We used black pants we already had for both. The Captain’s vest was made from inexpensive red fabric. I hot-glued yellow felt … Read more

Coolest Homemade Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

We were headed to Disney in the fall and my son wanted a really great pirate costume. I got the pattern for a captain Jack Sparrow costume from a local fabric store, but had to change a couple of things. All of the fabric that I used was on clearance for $1.00 a yd. at … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pirate Halloween Costumes

Homemade Pirate Halloween Costumes

I have two boys who I love to dress alike for Halloween. I didn’t want to buy the same costume from Wal-mart. I dug in my closet and got all the old shirts that I never wore and transformed them into pirates clothes. The boots I made from felt, I just constructed them to look … Read more