Original I’m On a Boat Halloween Costume

Original I'm On a Boat Halloween Costume

I had a blast this Halloween, rocking the light up Jeopardy board on Friday night and this awesome boat Halloween costume on Saturday! I originally started with just the hat and jacket, and wanted to make it more awesome. I thought of the boat idea, which turned into light up boat, and finally adding Andy … Read more

Coolest Homemade “I’m on a Boat” by T-Pain Costume

Homemade "I'm on a Boat" by T-Pain Costume

So as Halloween approached I decided I wanted to do something everyone would recognize and yet would still be original and funny. After dressing up as Will Ferrel from the Cowbell Sketch from SNL I decided I loved to be costumes that had a song to go along with it. So, this year I decided … Read more

Coolest Homemade T Pain Costume

Homemade T Pain Costume

Grammy Award-winning Hip Hop artist, T-Pain, created some buzz with his “Big A$$ Chain” jewelry so I decided to go one step further. This homemade T Pain costume took me 2 weeks to complete.