Coolest Birds Nest Costume

Birds Nest

This year Savannah Rose went in a Birds Nest costume. We bought a Grape vine wreath, two vines, brown leggings, red hooded sweat jacket, 3 red stuff animal birds, fake fur and a bird visor. Most of the items we bought from the dollar store or on clearance. I took one of Savannah’s old dresses … Read more

Coolest Bluebird of Happiness in a Nest Costume

Homemade Bluebird of Happiness in a Nest Costume

I gained inspiration from store-bought showgirl and bird costumes and an inner tube in my shed. I thought the bird and showgirl costumes at stores were cute, but just a little too racey to wear to work. Plus, I thrive on being crafty and making whatever I can myself. It took a couple of hours … Read more

Coolest Bird in Nest Costume

Homemade Bird in Nest Costume

Kaw! Kaw! Fly away home birdie! This costume features a mother bird and her babies in a tree. Materials: -Swimming pool ring -raffia -ivy -brown paper -blue shirt -stuffed animal birds -feathers blue and white (for mask) -Blue feather boa -Cardboard -blue shiny material The nest was simple to make. I just took a swimming … Read more