Coolest Bird in Nest Costume

Kaw! Kaw! Fly away home birdie! This costume features a mother bird and her babies in a tree.

-Swimming pool ring
-brown paper
-blue shirt
-stuffed animal birds
-feathers blue and white (for mask)
-Blue feather boa
-blue shiny material

The nest was simple to make. I just took a swimming pool ring and put raffia (available at any craft or decorations store) around the cover it.

Then, I found some old Beanie Baby Birds and taped them in place in the nest.

The wings are cardboard and are tied together with string behind my neck and well as tied to my arms. For the mask, I just glued feathers to a piece of paper and glued on a beak made from yellow paper.

To make the tree trunk, I crinkled up brown paper and glued it to an old pair of pants. Then I glued ivy running down the trunk.