Awesome Peanuts Gang Family Costume

This years family costume was a classic take on the Peanuts Gang. My wife and I, along with our 7 children make up the timeless characters.The masks are all mostly made from paper mache. However, we added the use of foam for sculpting some features, and the creation of “Snoopy”.

We represent “Pig-pen” Dad (37), “Peppermint Patty” Mom (29…), “Sally” Sophia (11), “Lucy” Addison (9), “Schroder” Jackson (8), “Charlie Brown” Charlie (6), “Snoopy” Thomas (5), “Linus” Andrew (4), “Woodstock” Katelyn (2).

We had a lot of fun putting this group costume together as a family. The kids were able to help make the paper mache masks. We then covered the masks with fabric and stuffed with fluff to fill. The hair presented some challenges. Yarn and pipe cleaners go a long way. And a ton of hot glue!!! Some of the features we carved out of foam cushion. The main body of “Snoopy’s” head was also carved from foam. Then a face was made from covered cardboard and placed over the foam. Most of the costumes were re-purposed or hand made. Everyone could see out of the mouths, which were covered with black mesh.

The costumes were a big hit wherever we were able to show them off. We love to make people smile. Several people even asked to have their picture taken with us!

We are hooked on Hallowen as a family, and we are already talking about next year!!

Awesome Peanuts Gang Family Costume

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