Coolest Girls’ Peacock Costume and Face Paint

Coolest Girls' Peacock Costume and Face Paint

For this Peacock costume I used a simple blue/green dress, long sleeve t shirt, gloves and tights. The peacock fan was made from a backpack that was cut off from its main body.  The straps of the backpack were covered with blue fabric.  The feathers were arranged by height in a fan and secured with … Read more

Cool and Creepy Homemade Medusa Costume

Cool and Creepy Homemade Medusa Costume

For the dress of this cool and creepy Medusa costume, I used a long black summer dress with a net type cardigan as a jacket The headdress was made from a headband and a woven leather belt from the thrift store and plastic dollar store snakes.  I cut out a cardboard tiara shape and glued it to a … Read more

Creepy Costume from The Birds

Creepy Costume from The Birds

For this “The Birds” costume, I used a blue suite was bought from the thrift store, assorted birds were bought from the dollar store. The birds were sewn individually onto the suit, they were rearranged carefully as I had to sit at work.  I removed the birds eyes and replaced with red pins for an … Read more

Cool Mr. Monopoly Costume

Homemade Mr. Monopoly Costume

Mr. Monopoly Costume, EASY and genius! A black pair of trousers, blazer and waistcoat were bought from the Thrift store. The white shirt was ours. A black plastic hat $1. A Monopoly board was also bought from the Thrift store, the pieces were hot glued on as though there was a game in process. A … Read more

Coolest Jack The Pumpkin King Costume

Homemade Jack The Pumpkin King Costume

A plain white T-shirt, striped pants from the Thrift store and a borrowed pair of black coat tails. We purchased a $1 pair of skeleton gloves, a $1 Christmas hat and a $1 pumpkin. His tie was handmade out of black craft foam and white fabric paint. Black and white face paint finished the job … Read more

Awesome Homemade Snow Queen Costume

Homemade Snow Queen Costume

This Snow Queen Costume was made from a white polo neck long sleeve sweater was used as a base. A simple elasticated long skirt was made from a length of white satin fabric. Sheer lengths of fabric were sewn over the top of the skirt to add texture and an extra sheer effect. Approx a … Read more

Coolest Tim Burton Style Mad Hatter Costume

Homemade  Mad Hatter Costume

This Mad Hatter Costume was made from striped trousers, waistcoat and blazer which were all bought at the Thrift store. White shirt worn underneath. Plain top hat was bought and spare fabric, peacock feather and the 10/6 sign were added with a glue gun. Crochet doilies were bought, cut in half and sewn into the … Read more

Coolest Shaun of the Dead Costume

Homemade Shaun of the Dead Costume

We love Shaun of the dead ! So, we bought black pants, a white shirt and a red tie from the Thrift store. A name badge was bought from the Dollar store and we added Shaun to it in red marker. We drew blood splatters with red marker all over the white shirt. The cricket … Read more