For the dress of this cool and creepy Medusa costume, I used a long black summer dress with a net type cardigan as a jacket

The headdress was made from a headband and a woven leather belt from the thrift store and plastic dollar store snakes.  I cut out a cardboard tiara shape and glued it to a cloth headband to give the headband a little height.  The woven leather belt I took apart and glued it onto the headband entwined with the plastic snakes.  I used a hot glue gun for the leather but it didn’t work on the plastic snakes so I used super glue and used clothes pegs to secure whilst they dried.

Face painting was easy, used a base of yellow/ orange green.  After that dried I placed a fish net stocking over my face and dabbed on black face paint, remove carefully.  You are left with a fish scale look.  I then highlighted some scales with white to give a glistening look (snake scales)

So cheap yet so effective.