Coolest Rainbow Brite Homemade Halloween Costume

Rainbow Brite Homemade Halloween Costume

I was out literally shopping for Halloween costume inspiration when this Rainbow Brite Homemade Halloween Costume hit me. I’d originally been looking for items to dress up as something completely different, when I came across these amazing rainbow-colored foil eyelashes ($4). I’m not really sure what possessed me to get them, but for some reason … Read more

Coolest Breakfast at Tiffany’s Homemade Costume

Breakfast at Tiffany's Homemade Costume

Like most girls who’ve been exposed to Audrey Hepburn at a young age, I became obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, particularly with the sheer elegance of the character (and her enviable wardrobe). Being a brown-eyed brunette myself, dressing up as Holly Golightly “someday” had long been a plan of mine. Finally, I got my chance … Read more