Coolest Katy Perry Inspired Costume

Homemade Katy Perry Inspired Costume

This Homemade Katy Perry Inspired Costume was made for a Halloween themed pageant last year when the Katy Perry song California Gurls was popular and the video was great with all the candy outfits, so it was an original outfit for the pageant and the song was great to make up a routine to. She … Read more

Coolest Punk Rocker Costume

Homemade Punk Rocker Costume

The reason this Punk Rocker Costume came about is because at the time my son had a mohawk that he just wasn’t ready to shave off yet..his baseball team got them for the championships that summer (yes ,they won so the other moms were less mad at me for letting my son start the whole … Read more

Coolest Tailgater Costume

Homemade Tailgater Costume

We are from Boston, so of course we picked the New England patriots when thinking up this Tailgater Costume. I think it’s pretty funny how some grown men get all crazy with paints and stuff for the games so that’s how the idea came to mind. The Patriots were playing that night too so a … Read more