Coolest Little Michael Jackson Costume

Homemade Little Michael Jackson Costume

Our sons are infatuated with Michael Jackson and his music. When asked what they wanted to be for Halloween, our younger son immediately yelled, “Michael Jackson!” Not too pleased with the store-bought varieties, we decided to make our own Homemade Little Michael Jackson Costume. So, we started out the suit our oldest son wore in … Read more

Coolest Terminator Costume

Homemade Terminator Costume

Our oldest son is an Arnold fanatic! When he asked to be Terminator, we knew this would have to be a homemade ordeal. So we started our Homemade Terminator Costume with a basic pair of blue jeans, a black belt, a pair of black dress shoes, a black undershirt, and a leather hand-me-down jacket. He … Read more