Coolest LMFAO Couple Costumes

Homemade LMFAO Couple Costumes

I had a fancy dress work night out coming up, and I wanted to go all out and come up with something they wouldn’t forget. the LMFAO song “everyday I’m sufflin” had just been released and I loved the Leo print costume Red Foo was wearing, so I asked my mate Linzi if she would … Read more

Coolest Homemade Gizmo Costume

Coolest Gizmo Costume

I’ve always loved the film ‘Gremlins’, and I love making homemade Halloween costumes. So this year I decided to make a costume I couldn’t find online (well I couldn’t find one that looked cool enough). All I used to make Gizmo was: – Foam I already had from a previous costume I had made, it … Read more