Original Homemade Costume Idea: Scary Pop Quiz

Original Homemade Costume Idea: Scary Pop Quiz

This Scary Pop Quiz costume was my son’s idea. As a middle-schooler, he decided that the most frightening thing ever is being caught of guard by his teachers. So the costume idea was born! It was super simple to make. With an all white set of sweats, I took a blue permanent marker and added the notebook lines … Read more

Coolest DIY Original S’mores Trio Group Costume

DIY Original S'mores Trio Group Costume

We are huge camping fans, so S’mores are a staple for our family. My son had the idea for the DIY original S’mores trio group costume, but turning that into a reality fell to me. The Hershey’s costume was the easiest. I used a single curtain panel and cut the bottom hem off to make … Read more

Coolest Tool Box Costume

Homemade Snap-On Tool Box Costume

This tool box costume idea came to me because at the time I worked in a repair shop. I used two computer boxes as a start, but any durable box would do. They are attached using zip-ties. I cut out the holes for the drawers, arms, head, and the entire bottom for walking. I fashioned … Read more