Coolest Homemade Flamingo Halloween Costume

Homemade Flamingo Halloween Costume

I got this idea for a Homemade Flamingo Halloween Costume from a parrot costume but for me the parrot wasn’t absurd enough. I decided to play off my own natural attributes (be long and gangley) and opted to make a flamingo. I work at a fabric store and we had this awesome pink fabric that … Read more

Coolest Where’s Waldo Homemade Halloween Costume

Where's Waldo Homemade Halloween Costume

Basically it was a couple weeks before Halloween and I hadn’t figured out my costume yet but I knew it had to be completely ridiculous. I knew I wanted to be something everyone knew but I didn’t want to be boring. I had been playing around with the idea of being someone getting eaten by … Read more

Cool Homemade Animal from the Muppets Costume

Homemade Animal from the Muppets Costume

My nickname is Animal, so this year I decided that my Halloween costume would be a Homemade Animal from the Muppets Costume. For the head, I used 1/2″ upholstery foam which I cut and placed in layers on top of each other to make the shape. I then covered it with orange felt. For the … Read more