Cool Homemade Animal from the Muppets Costume

My nickname is Animal, so this year I decided that my Halloween costume would be a Homemade Animal from the Muppets Costume.

For the head, I used 1/2″ upholstery foam which I cut and placed in layers on top of each other to make the shape. I then covered it with orange felt.

For the hair, I used one whole skein of pink yarn and scraps of other yarns. I glued it in clumps to the mask.

The eyes are actually white painted tennis balls with holes cut out of them. I recommend using whiffle balls (I was just cheap and used what I had).

I bought orange stretch velor for the body suit, brown pleather for the pants and made the vest using scrap fabrics. Old orange slippers were my shoes.

The most time consuming part was cutting the yarn and gluing it to the mask. In total, I think I spent about 10 hours constructing this entire costume. Total cost was around $40.

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