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Coolest M & M Halloween Costume 3

by Brenda
(Lynbrook, NY,US)

M&M Halloween Costume

M&M Halloween Costume

This year my 15 year old daughter wanted a M&M Halloween costume. It could not be found anywhere. I started to research some sites on how to make the costume. I got the idea from It came out great. She loved it. The costume was simple and only took one hour.

I took two sweatshirts, one her size and one that was three times her size. I then sewed the two bottom bands together as well as the bands at the wrists. I put polyfill stuffing in between the two sweatshirts. I cut out a lowercase m on white sticky felt and put it in the middle of the larger sweatshirt. Voila that's it.

She looked great and got compliments all day long. To finish the look she wore skin color leggings and white gloves as well as white sneakers. The whole costume cost me $13.00. It was my first time making a costume and it came out fantastic.

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Australia likes M&M top too
by: linda

Great costume, heading off now to get sweat top, to make one.

Thank you

by: Alexandra Killingsworth

good idea I'm gonna be an M&M too!

woo hoo!
by: Anonymous

i love it! gonna do it and my group and i will look amazing! whoop whoop!

by: Anonymous

Awww! so cute!! but where'd u get poly fill stuffing?

Question about 'm'
by: Anonymous

How did you cut the 'm' so perfectly? What did you use?

by: LittleMissAwesome

RALLY COOL COSTUME! I'm asking my mom to make it for halloween!

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Coolest Homemade Green M&M Costume 4

by Kim M.

Homemade Green M&M Costume

Homemade Green M&M Costume

Our daughter has had an obsession with M&M's since she was a baby and this year we vowed to make her a Homemade Green M&M Costume! We took tubing from the lawn and garden store and shaped it around her body and used it for a pattern. We then made a pattern with fabric, and stuffed it with poly-fill.

We covered it with green fuzzy fabric and embellished the face with brightly colored fabrics. For the eyes we used black netting and it worked perfectly to hide her little face.

It was a great costume and light weight for a little person.

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Questions regarding the tubing
by: Christina

I'M sorry I don't understand the part that you used tubing and used that for pattern. Can you give more details ?


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Coolest M and Ms Costume 2

by Katy Kleymeyer
(Shelbyville, KY)

M&M homemade costume

M&M homemade costume

I wanted something different than the normal costume. I bought a bag of M&M's and copied it to life size - all the way down to the ingredients on the back with the bar code. It is comfortable to wear and it doesn't take up much storage. It's also fun to see people's reaction.

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by: Denise/FL

Wow, that is SO detail oriented!!! Good job!

Fantastic M&Ms costume
by: Dave, Newark OH

That is a spectacular costume! How did you get it to print in "life" size? Printed on what type of fabric? Thanks

by: Anonymous

thats a really good job that you did.

by: nickjonas1fan

This looks so real! I bet if you put the costume far away, and take a picture, someone would mistake it for the real candy!

by: Anonymous

How in the world did you do this, I need to be a Reese cup this Halloween and I need and idea really quick!! If you can help please do. I will come back here and check. Thanks, Heather

From Creator
by: Katy

All the print was hand painted with squeeze puff fabric paint on felt, it was not printed but hand painted over a series of three days. After two years the paint is still on and it looks the same. The giant M&M was fabric that was double fused onto the felt.

WOW ! nice costume !
by: Anonymous

how did you make that ? i really wanna be that for halloween !! :D ps. please add deatails

by: Anonymous

love the costume. i need to make one for my daughter- what did you use for the colorful m&m on the front? paint?

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