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Coolest Sully from Monsters, Inc. Costume 6

by Mari
(Phoenix, AZ)

Homemade Sully from Monsters, Inc. Costume

Homemade Sully from Monsters, Inc. Costume

For Halloween 2008, our sons chose "Monsters, Inc." for their costumes.

Our older son (age 5) had a Sully from Monsters, Inc. Costume. We live in Phoenix so we were a little nervous about making a furry costume (could be VERY uncomfortable for him if the night was warm) so I chose a light-weight fleece fabric. I found a great color of blue that matched Sully's fur and looked a little bit furry. I sewed a very simple jumpsuit that spanned from his shoulders to his toes.
(Cost: About $15)

For the belly, I used the same type of fleece but in a lighter shade of blue. I simply cut out a giant oval and hot-glued it to the darker blue fleece jumpsuit.
(Cost: About $3)

I left part of the back of the jumpsuit open (with a snap closure at the top of the neck) so he could ventilate (it ended up being a warm Halloween last year). He has a blue t-shirt that matched the fabric perfectly so he wore that underneath.

I made the length about 6? too long at the ends of the jumpsuit (bottom of the legs and sleeves), so that I could simply cut out triangles to resemble toes and fingers. I painted the tips with a black Sharpie pen to resemble toenails and fingernails. They dangled over his shoes and hands and looked great.

I made the tail using the same fleece fabric as the jumpsuit, sewn into a simple tail design that just touched the floor when he stood straight, and filled it with batting. I attached it to his jumpsuit with simple whip-stitching and ironed a dark blue patch underneath the tip of the tail (so it wouldn't fray as he walked along).

For his back spines, I cut out little ½ moon-shaped pieces of gray felt, hot-glued 2 pieces together at a time (back-to-back), and hot-glued them directly to the fleece fabric. The double-stiffness helped them stand straight up. The spines went from his neck all the way down the tail, spaced about every 6' or so.
(Cost for felt: About $1)

For his mask, we didn't want to cover our son's face with fabric (again, too hot and uncomfortable) so we used a "Grand Poobah" hat we had from an old Flintstones costume and it worked perfectly! It was furry, the right shade of blue, and already had horns. They were yellow so I simply covered them with gray felt. I cut a large rectangle of the fleece fabric and I whip-stitched it to the hat so it covered his neck and MOST of the ventilation slit I left on the jumpsuit. I glued some spines on it as well.

My husband then spray painted purple circles on the jumpsuit, tail, and neck portion of the hat to resemble Sully?s spots.

I painted on his nose with blue face paint. He was adorable!

Total Cost: About $20

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